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Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009


A tutorial how to get ready for IRC in 10 minutes

Set up your JOTI station in 10 minutes

Chatting live on the Internet is easy! Keep reading and follow the next procedure:
in 10 minutes you can discuss real-time with other scouts from all over the word.

STAGE 1 - Download
mIRC Get the mIRC client program used for chatting under Windows from our software page and save it on to your computer.

Users of MacOS/Unix/Linux/freeBSD can simply take an other client for chatting from our software page.
How does it work ?

Live chatting is like if you were talking on the phone, but instead of using your voice, you work with your fingers, on a "chat channel". The technical details behind this will be explained later.

To discuss with others on the Internet, you need to connect to a server: a larger computer who distributes what people write to all other participants. The server also forwards the messages to other servers, so that more people can see and chat with each other. Such a group of servers is called a "network".
The program you use to connect to the server is called an "IRC client". There are several dozen clients available, we've selected three popular ones for you.

STAGE 2 - Installation

Install Double click on the installation program icon first.

After the welcome screen (press "Next") and the license agreement (press "Yes") the window on the left side appears on the screen. Choose the options according to the the picture and press the "Install" button.

Installation Screen

Overall progress

The automatic installation takes only a few minutes

When you see the message bellow on the screen, the installation procedure is completed.
Congratulations and go over to STAGE 3.

STAGE 3 - Ready, set and go!

Startmenue Start the mIRC program from the start menu. When you see the "about mIRC" dialog box on the screen, press "continue" to go on.

You see on the screen the Options window : if it's not the case, press the button on the toolbar.

Fill in the "Full Name" and "Nickname" informations like you can see on the left picture.

  • Full name is your prename, you must enter it if you want to connect to an IRC server.

  • Don't enter your E-mail address, just enter a dash.

  • Nickname is the name people will see and call you on the chat.

Now change to the Category "Server" and press the "Add" button to enter the details about the server you're going to connect to. The next window appears on the screen.

Complete the first three lines like you can see on this left picture. Instead of "" you can also enter the name of the closest server from the IRC Server List. When you're ready to continue, press the "Add" and the "Connect to IRC server!" buttons.

List of ScoutLinks main channels
#irc_help Join this channel if you have questions on IRC, ScoutLink or JOTI in general
#english main english-speaking channel
#espanol main spanish-speaking channel
#deutsch main german-speaking channel
#francais main french-speaking channel
#dutch main dutch-speaking channel
#chinese main channel for users with chinese (BIG5) character sets

The left window is used to join a channel. Each channel corresponds to a specific language or theme. Enter the name of the channe (e.g. #english and press "Join" to close this dialog box and join the channel.

When you press the "Channels List" button (see the next table, fourth button), the "Channels List" window appears on the screen. When you press the "Get list" button, the channel's list appears in a new window. Double click on one of the listed channels to join it.

A typical channel window looks like this.
If you have reached it, you are ready to chat.

The four buttons you will use most frequently
Connect to the server
Option (to connect to an other server)
Enter a channel (manual)
List on screen the existing channel's

Have a great JOTI!

Source: Codépie du Béarn - Scouts de France
Suggestions: Guillaume Poncon
Modified for Stefan Melcher
Again Modified for Holgi

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